Plan your beach escape with our Cape Cod Beach Guide. Below, you’ll find information about more than 130 Cape Cod beaches, arranged by town. Please note that most Cape Cod beaches require stickers or charge fees during the summer months. We have included links to the town beach pages. It’s always a good idea to figure out the sticker/fee setup brfore you go.

Cape Cod beach sticker information 2020: helpful links



Covell Beach: Just down the road from popular Craigville Beach, Covell Beach is very similar but slightly smaller and only for residents who have beach stickers. Located on Nantucket Sound, in-season water tends to be gentle and warm. Craigville Beach Road, Centerville.

Craigville Beach: Disabled accessible. Long, wide beach. Beautiful view. Very big. Lots of parking. Can be crowded. Located on Nantucket Sound--usually means gentle and warm water. Craigville Beach Road, Centerville.

Dowses Beach: Disabled accessible. Fishing platform. Breakwater to explore. Good-sized parking lot. Nice sandy beach. Located on Nantucket Sound--usually means gentle and warm water. 348 E. Bay Road, Osterville.

Eugenia Fortes Beach: A hidden gem in Hyannis Port. Small-ish beach, small parking lot. Mellow vibe, good for families. Iyanough Avenue, Hyannis Port.

Hamblin Pond: Small freshwater beach, good for families. Good-sized parking lot. Shallow swimming area. with a roped off swimming area. 401 Route 149, Marstons Mills.

Hathaway’s Pond: Limited parking. Medium-sized freshwater beach with playground and barbecue grills. Shady. Roped-off swim area. Calm water. Nice view. Pine needles. Peaceful. Phinney’s Lane, Barnstable.

Joshua Pond: Playground. Limited parking. Small, narrow beach. Steep stairs lead down to beach. Nice sand. Grassy area on hill overlooks beach. Tower Hill Road, Osterville.

Kalmus Beach: Very long beach. Large parking lot. Shell-filled sand. Also popular windsurfing spot. On Nantucket Sound, warm and gentle water. 670 Ocean St., Hyannis.

Loop Beach: For Barnstable residents only. Limited parking. Medium-sized beach, but good amount of room. Not too crowded. Calm water on Nantucket Sound. Private beaches on either side. Ocean View Avenue, Cotuit.

Lovells Pond: Small freshwater beach, not a lot of room. Calm water. Very peaceful. Limited parking. Pebbly sand. A short walk through the woods compliments the secluded nature of Lovells Pond. Shady spots to stay out of the sun. Santuit-Newtown Road, Cotuit.

Millway Beach: Limited parking. Disabled accessible. Small and narrow, especially at high tide. Semi-crowded. Stairs down to beach. Calm water on Cape Cod Bay. Small parking lot. Residents-only beach. Phinney’s Lane, Barnstable.

Sandy Neck Beach Park: Large, long beach on Cape Cod Bay. Pebbly sand. Off-road vehicle permits available. At 6 miles long, it is the area’s longest beach. It’s very popular, especially for its off-road vehicle trails and hiking. There’s plenty of room for campers and sunbathers, and night campfires, when allowed, can be a great pleasure. Sandy Neck Road, West Barnstable.

Sea Street Beach: Family friendly. Soft, clean sand. Easy on the feet. Located along Hyannis Harbor. Surrounded by a park. Picnic tables, barbecue grills. Nice view of the harbor. 175 Ocean Ave., Hyannis.

Veterans Beach: Playground. Barbecue grills. Disabled accessible. Lots of boats. Benches, fountain. Lots of shells. Bike rack. Large parking lot. Nice view of Lewis Bay. Shade available in park. The John F. Kennedy Memorial and Korean War Memorial are nearby. 480 Ocean St., Hyannis.

Wequaquet Lake: Limited parking. Disabled accessible. Medium-sized beach. Shady. Pebbly sand. Fair amount of room. Not crowded. Boat launch. Freshwater, popular with families and kayakers. Shootflying Hill Road , Centerville.



Barlows Landing Beach: Medium-sized beach on Pocasset Harbor with nice views. Hard sand. Rock jetty. Boat ramp. Small parking lot. Calm water. Off Route 28, Bourne.

Electric Avenue: Smaller beach. Not crowded. Good sand. Nice water on Buzzards Bay. Playground. Bike rack. Medium-sized parking lot. Electric Avenue , Buzzards Bay.

Gray Gables Beach: Big beach. Lots of room. Smaller swimming area. Hard sand. Nice view. Smaller parking lot. Small creeks at low tide. Basketball net. Gilder Road, Bourne.

Hen Cove: Large beach. Hard sand. Lots of boats. Plenty of room. Small parking area. Good family beach. Calm water in cove connected to Buzzaeds Bay. Circuit Street, Pocasset.

Monument Beach: Large beach. Lots of room. Good for families. Hard sand. Marina nearby, so lots of boats. Large parking lot. Calm water on Buzzards Bay. Shore Road, Bourne.

Picture Lake: Popular fishing spot. Small beach. Shady spots available. Families. Pine needles. Softer sand. Limited parking. Old County Road, Pocasset.

Queen Sewell Pond: Fishing spot. Small beach. Hard sand. Little pebbles. Benches. Some shade. Not crowded. Medium parking area. Very short walk to water. Cherry Street, Buzzards Bay.

Sagamore Beach: Large beach on Cape Cod Bay. Lots of rocks. Slope down to beach. Rock jetties. Small waves. Nice view. Borders private beaches. Limited parking. Standish Road, Bourne



Cliff Pond: Small beach on beautiful pond in Nickerson State Park. Smaller beach. Popular with families and kayakers. Can be crowded in summer. Medium-sized parking area. Great walking trail goes around pond. Flax Pond Road, Nickerson State Park, Brewster.

Breakwater Beach: Popular beach on Cape Cod Bay with ample parking. Highly affected by tide--very large flats area at low tide. Rocky. Fun tide pools. Still fair amount of beach at high tide. Funny seeing boats just sitting on sand. Breakwater Road, Brewster.

Crosby Landing: Long beach on Cape Cod Bay (tide affected) with smaller parking lot. Good sunset spot. Calm water. Good family beach. Crosby Lane, Brewster.

Ellis Landing Beach: Cape Cod Bay beach (big flats at low tide). Small parking lot. Fun to explore tide pools at low tide. Borders private beaches. Nice sunset beach.

Flax Pond: Lovely pond in Nickerson State Park. Medium-sized parking lot. Some shade available. Good for families with smaller kids. Fun place to kayak.

Paines Creek: Cape Cod Bay beach with tidal creek. Limited parking. Best swimming at high tide. Low tide flats are large and fun to walk. Paines Creek Road, Brewster.

Mants Landing: Intriguing tidal pools and rocky at low tide. Good amount of beach at high tide. Calm water on Cape Cod Bay. Mellow family spot. Medium-sized parking lot. Nice sunset spot. Long Road, Brewster.

Sheep Pond: Small beach. Small parking lot. Popular with families. Calm. Nice. Can get crowded in summer. Fisherman’s Landing Road Brewster.



Coast Guard Beach: Often recognized as one of the top 10 on various lists of America’s best beaches, Coast Guard Beach is a breathtaking and very large strand on the Atlantic side of Cape Cod. That can mean big waves and challenging swimming conditions. When not curtailed by COVID-19 regulations, beachgoers park at Little Creek lot on Doane Road and take shuttle to beach. 2 Ocean View Dr, Eastham.

Head of the Meadow Beach: Because of its relatively remote location in North Truro and large parking lot, Head of the Meadow Beach is a good option when other area beaches are full. Beach is on the Atlantic Ocean, so waves and challenging swimming conditions are in play. Access to beach is a sand path up and over a dune, so a bit of a walk. Head of the Meadow Road, North Truro.

Herring Cove Beach: Perhaps the ultimate Provincetown sunset spot, Herring Cove Beach features two parking areas and the surf tends to be less significant than Atlantic-facing beaches. Keep in mind that swimming conditions may still be challenging. Very large beach with room to spread out. Links up to Province Lands bike trail. Province Lands Road, Provincetown.

Marconi Beach: Large and scenic Atlantic-facing beach in South Wellfleet, very large parking lot, significant stairs down to beach. Surf and challenging swimming conditions possible. Marconi Beach Road, South Wellfleet.

Nauset Light Beach: Located in Eastham and not to be confused with Nauset Beach in Orleans. Small parking lot often fills up early. Rather lengthy descending trail to beach. Atlantic-facing so surf possible and swimming conditions can be challenging. Cable Road, Eastham.

Race Point Beach: Giant beach at the Cape tip with scenic views including former Coast Guard station and Old Harbor Lifesaving Station. Waves and challing swimming conditions at times. Good-sized parking lot. Links to Province Lands bike trail. Race Point Road, Provincetown.



Cockle Cove Beach: Long, narrow beach with good-sized parking lot. Located on Nantucket Sound, so warmer, gentler water--good for families. Nice views of boat traffic. Taylors Pond Road off Cockle Cove Road, Chatham.

Forest Beach: Family-oriented beach with calm, warm Nantucket Sound waters for swimming. Lots of shells. Some rock jetties. Forest Beach Road, Chatham.

Hardings Beach: Nice family beach with large parking lot--big beach with room for beach games. Calm and warm water. Kayakers like this launch spot. Hardings Beach Road Chatham.

Oyster Pond: Calm saltwater “pond” near the center of town. Popular with kids and families. Nice place for a quick dip. Mid-sized parking lot.

Pleasant Street Beach: Limited parking. Small beach on Nantucket Sound. Good launch point toward Monomoy or Wychmere Harbor for sailboats and kayaks. Known as a favorite spot for windsurfers and kiteboarders. Excellent sunsets. . Cool rock jetty. Lots of shells. Pleasant Street, South Chatham.

Ridgevale Beach: Big beach. Large parking lot. Lots of shells. Cool pedestrian bridge over tidal creek. Lots of families. Gentle, warm Nantucket Sound water. Nice view. Ridgevale Drive, Chatham.

Schoolhouse Pond: Nice freshwater pond with small parking lot. Shady beach area. Good for families. Can get crowded. Schoolhouse Pond Road, Chatham.

South Beach (Lighthouse Beach): Limited half-hour parking. Splendid views. Large beach, great for walking. Calm water. Close to scenic lighthouse. Shore Road by Chatham Light, Chatham



Bayview Beach: Large beach on Cape Cod Bay. Lots of room. Very popular. Big flats at low tide. Tide pools fun to explore. Nice sand. Very pretty. Smaller parking lot. Short walk to beach. Private beach on one side. Bayview Road Dennis

Chapin Beach: A spectacular perch on Cape Cod Bay with warm water. Best swimming at high tide. Quiet. Tidal pools at low tide. Good-sized parking lot. Chapin Beach Road, Dennis.

Cold Storage Beach: Usually not crowded. Good amount of room on Cape Cod Bay. Nice sand and small waves. Two rock jetties at entrance to harbor. Large parking lot. Short walk to beach. Cold Storage Road, East Dennis Dennis.

Corporation Beach: Good-sized beach on Cape Cod Bay. Tide goes way out exposing flats that are fun to explore. Nice little playground with water-view swings! Disabled accessible. Scenic breakwater. Corporation Road, Dennis.

Glendon Road Beach: Good-sized beach on warm gentle waters of Nantucket Sound. Good for families. Medium-sized parking lot right off beach. Lots of shells. Small waves. Old Wharf Road. Dennis.

Haigis Beach: Medium-sized on Nantucket Sound. Good for families. Nice sand. Some shells. Small waves. Private beaches on either side. Rock jetties. Playground. Medium-size parking area. Old Wharf Road, Dennis.

Harborview Beach: Small, scenic beach on Cape Cod Bay, next to entrance to Sesuit Harbor. Small waves. Low tide goes way out. Clean sand.Only about 10 parking spots. Short walk to beach. Harbor Road, Dennis.

Howes Street Beach: Large beach on Cape Cod Bay, big low tides. Plenty of room. Connects with Corporation Beach. Small waves. Nice sand. Good for families. Little pools at low tide. Fair amount of parking. Walk to beach over pretty big dune. Howes Street, Dennis.

Inman Road Beach: Small beach on Nantucket Sound but fairly roomy. Popular. Gentle, warm water good for families. Smallish parking area. Short walk to beach. Lots of shells. Nice view. Inman Road, Dennis.

Mayflower Beach: Large beach on Cape Cod Bay, so low tide goes way out on flats. Pools at low tide. Nice sand. Very popular and can be crowded. All ages. Large parking lot can fill up early. Short walk to beach. Small waves. Dunes Road, Dennis

Princess Beach: Small beach on Scargo Lake. Freshwater. Good amount of room. Good for families and freshwater swimming fans. Stairs down to beach. Nice view. Medium-sized parking lot. Playground. Scargo Hill Road, Dennis.

Raycroft Beach: Small beach on mellow Nantucket Sound with private beaches on either side. Popular. Stairs down to beach. Rock jetty. Nice sand. Small parking area. Pretty view. Raycroft Parkway, Dennis.

Scargo Beach: Quiet beach area on Scargo Lake. Good for families and freshwater swimming fans. Small parking lot close to beach area. Dr. Lord’s Road South, Dennis.

Sea Street Beach (Dennis Port): Medium-size beach on Nantucket Sound, large parking area. Good amount of room. Nice sand – not full of shells or rocks. Good for families. Small waves. Short walk to beach. Rock jetty. Sea Street Dennis Port.

Sea Street Beach (East Dennis): Medium-sized beach on Cape Cod Bay that adjoins Cold Storage Beach. Low tide exposes large tidal flats with fun tide pools but not easy to swim in at that time. Medium-sized parking lot. Nice views. Sea Street, East Dennis.

South Village Beach: Large beach on Nantucket Sound. Lots of shells. Not too crowded. Lots of room. Small waves. Good for families. Borders Swan Pond River. Short walk to beach. South Village Road, Dennis

West Dennis Beach: Giant Nantucket Sound beach with tons of parking. Scenic. Warm and gentle water. Easy, short walk from parking to beach. Windsurfing. Kite flying. Playground. Big breakwater to explore. West Dennis Beach Road, West Dennis.



Boat Meadow Beach: A sweet little perch on Cape Cod Bay. Best swimming at high tide. Nice tide pools and flats at low tide. Small, but long. Grassy. Calm water. Tends not to be too crowded. Small parking area. Bayview Road, Eastham.

Campground Beach: Small beach. Not much sand. Can be crowded. Medium-sized parking area. Private beach on one side. Good for families. Some boats moored in area. Tiny waves – fairly calm on Cape Cod Bay, which means big tides. Campground Road, Eastham.

Coast Guard Beach: See Cape Cod National Seashore description. 2 Ocean View Dr, Eastham.

Cooks Brook Beach: Cape Cod Bay beach, best swimming at high tide. Large flats at low tide. Large parking area right off beach. Accessible for disabled beachgoers. Small beach area. Good for families. Some boats. Calm water. Steele Road, Eastham.

Keegan Harbor Beach: Located on the Eastham side of Rock Harbor. Neat path to Cape Cod Bay beach. Parking limited – sandy lot just before big lot. Calm water, big tide affect here so swimming best at high tide, big flats at low tide. Lots of birds. Dyer Prince Road, Eastham.

First Encounter Beach: Eastham’s gem of the bay side. Big parking lot and a big beach along Cape Cod Bay. Big tide effect--swim at high, wander flats and tide pools at low. Calm and warm water. Panoramic view. Samoset Road, Eastham.

Great Pond: Small beach with not much room. Lots of families with young children. Limited parking. Not much shade. Nice view. Cute little place. Great Pond Road, Eastham.

Herring Brook Beach: Small beach on Cape Cod Bay with parking area. Private beaches on either side. Divided by small creek. Handicapped accessible. Can be crowded. Best swimming at high tide. Big flats at low tide. Calm water. Cole Road, Eastham.

Kingsbury Beach: Small Cape Cod Bay beach--no parking lot. Best swimming at high tide. Big flats at low tide. Kingsbury Road, Eastham.

Sunken Meadow Beach: Smallish Cape Cod Bay Beach, small parking lot. Borders private beaches. Easy access from parking. Good family beach. Best swimming at high tide. Big flats at low tide. South Sunken Meadow Road, Eastham.

Thumpertown Beach: Steep stairs down to small beach. Can be crowded. Older kids generally. Fairly calm along Cape Cod Bay--best swimming at high tide. Boats moored in area. Small parking lot. Borders private beaches. Thumpertown Road, Eastham.

Wiley Park: Town park and beach on freshwater Great Pond. Small sand area. Can be crowdes. Medium-sized parking lot. Not much room. Good for families with young kids. Playground and trails in the area. Herring Brook Road, Eastham.



Bristol Beach: Medium-sized beach on Nantucket Sound. Warm and gentle water. Lots of room. Nice sand. Shelly. Nice view. Small rock jetties. Large parking lot. Good for families. Menauhant Road, Falmouth.

Chapoquoit Beach: Long, narrow beach on Buzzards Bay. Fair amount of room. Great sunsets. Medium waves. Families. Large parking lot. Attendant on duty. Stairs down to beach. Chapoquoit Road, West Falmouth.

Falmouth Heights Beach: Big, long beach. Plenty of room. Nice sand. A few stairs to beach. Nice view. Small rock jetties. Large parking lot. Grand Avenue and Central Park Avenue, Falmouth.

Grews Pond: A good amount of room. Picnic area. Barbecue grills. Medium parking area. Calm, fresh water. Pretty view. Some shade. Good for families. Goodwill Park, off Gifford Street, Falmouth.

Megansett Beach: Small, but kind of roomy harbor beach on Buzzards Bay. Family friendly. Rock jetty. Harbor. Lots of boats. Shelly sand. Private beach on one side. Smaller parking. Not that crowded. Calm water. County Road Falmouth.

Menauhant Beach: Warm water on Nantucket Sound. Long and narrow. Quiet neighborhood. Lots of room. Not crowded. Medium-sized waves. Nice sand. Large parking area. Short walk to beach. Rocks and shells. Nice view. Menauhant Road, Falmouth.

Old Silver Beach: Two sections--one for residents who have beach stickers and another for the general public. Each section has its own parking area. Large beach on Buzzards Bay. Calm, warm water. Strong currents at high tide. Quaker Road, Falmouth.

Surf Drive Beach: Long beach on Nantucket Sound. Lots of room. Not crowded. Rock jetties. Small waves. Nice sand. Large parking lot. Short walk to beach. Surf Drive Road, Falmouth.

Wood Neck Beach: Long, narrow beach on Buzzards Bay. Not too much room. Pebbly sand. Lots of shells and rocks. Not crowded. Families. Large parking lot. Woodneck Road, off Sippewissett Road Falmouth.



Atlantic Avenue Beach: Small beach on Nantucket Sound surrounded by private beaches. Not too much room. Rock jetties. Stairs down to beach. Small waves. Nice view. Good sand. Atlantic Avenue, off Ocean Avenue, Harwich Port.

Bank Street: Popular Nantucket Sound beach. in Harwich. Good for swimming, warm water. Plenty of boats in area. Medium parking lot. Can be crowded. Private beaches on either side. Lots of shells. Bank Street, Harwich.

Earle Road Beach: Medium-sized Nantucket Sound Beach with big parking lot. Nice sand. Shells. Small waves. Rock jetties. Not too crowded. Serene. Good for families. Earle Road, Harwich.

Grey Neck Beach: Small beach with small parking lot on Nantucket Sound. Private beaches on either side. Nice, small waves. Very soothing. Rock jetties on either side. Not crowded. Small parking lot. No attendant. Stairs down to beach. Disable access limited. Very nice. Grey Neck Road, Harwich

Long Pond Beach: Big freshwater pond. Medium-sized beach. Boating, kayaking. Very serene. Lots of ducks. Patronized by families with young children. Lots of room. Big parking lot. Clean sand. Long Pond Road, Harwich.

Pleasant Road Beach: Big Nantucket Sound beach with lots of room. Medium parking lot right off beach. Plenty of seashells. Great view of open ocean. Pleasant Road, Harwich.

Red River Beach: Long Nantucket Sound beach with lots of room. Picturesque. Big parking lot. Canoe/kayak launch. Bike ramp. Several rock jetties. Parking right off beach. Small waves. Lots of shells. Uncle Venie’s Road, Harwich Port.

Sand Pond: Nice little freshwater beach with half shade, half sunny. Dock area used for swimming lessons. Roped area for regular swimming. Can be crowded with families with young children. Steps down to beach. Big parking lot. Pine needles. Great Western Road, Harwich.

Wixon Memorial Beach (on Long Pond): Canoe/kayak launch. Roped-off swimming area. Medium-size beach and parking. Good amount of room. Not too crowded. Some trees for shade. Great for families with small children. Pretty view. Cahoon Road, Harwich.



Attaquin Park Beach: Large freshwater beach on Mashpee Pond. Pebbly sand. Lots of room. Calm water. Playground. Bike rack. Pretty view. Very peaceful. Medium-sized parking lot close to beach. Some boating. Basketball net. Lake Avenue, Mashpee.

John’s Pond: Large freshwater beach and good-sized parking lot. Pebbly sand. Some shady area. Calm water. Playground. Basketball net. Nice view. Back Road, Mashpee.

South Cape Beach: Popular Nantucket Sound Beach with large state-run parking area and separate resident lot. Pebbly sand. Small waves. Nice open view. Popular fishing spot. Peaceful. The adjacent Dead Neck Trail is a great seaside leg-stretcher. Great Oak Road, Mashpee.



Crystal Lake: Lovely clear freshwater swimming lake. Eight-car parking lot. Fishing is popular here--launching ramp for canoes, rowboats, but no internal combustion engines. Very small, narrow strip of beach. Great for families with smaller children. Very calm. Shady. Beautiful view. Monument Road, Orleans.

Nauset Beach: Beautiful sunrises, excellent bass and blues fishing, surfing, sunbathing, swimming in cool Atlantic Ocean waters. Despite its size, the massive parking lot occasionally fills up when the sun is strong. Arrive early or in the late afternoon if you want to claim a spot. The beach is open to off-road vehicles with a special permit. Really long beach. Very popular. Great waves. Nice sand. 250 Beach Road, Orleans.

Pilgrim Lake: Freshwater swimming. 70-car parking lot, swimming docks, disabled access. Inflatables allowed. Fresh water fishing. No boats propelled by internal combustion engines are allowed. Small beach. Roped off swimming area. Partly shady. Fishing popular here. Bike rack. Herring Brook Road, Orleans.

Skaket Beach: Great sunset beach on Cape Cod Bay. Swimming best at high tide. Calm water. Fine sand beach offers warm water swimming and is great for long strolls on the flats at low tide. Has tidal pools filled with friendly seashore critters at low tide. Great place for kite flying. 200 Skaket Beach Road, Orleans.

South Orleans Beach: Scenic views of Pleasant Bay islands, Orleans and Chatham shoreline, and back side of the ocean barrier beach. Calm, warm water great for swimming and sailboarding. Limited parking by side of road near the town landing. Small beach. Even smaller at high tide. Private beach on one side. Lots of boats because of town landing. 615 South Orleans Road (Route 28), Orleans.



Herring Cove Beach: Race Point Road, Provincetown. See Cape Cod National Seashore entry for this beach.

Race Point Beach: Race Point Road, Provincetown. See Cape Cod National Seashore entry for this beach.




East Sandwich Beach: Beautiful, 100-yard stretch of beach on Cape Cod Bay. Nearby parking is limited. Nice soft sand. Not crowded. Small waves. Beautiful view. Rock jetties. Small dune to walk over. Medium parking lot. Peaceful. North Shore Boulevard, Sandwich.

Horizons Beach: Large, long beach on Cape Cod Bay. Lots of room. Not crowded. Medium parking lot. Rocky, but soft sand. Rock jetties. Nice view. Families and older. Town Neck Road, Sandwich.

Sandy Neck Beach Park: See Barnstable entry for this beach. Sandy Neck Road, West Barnstable.

Scusset Beach State Reservation: Big beach on Cape Cod Bay bordering entrance to Cape Cod Canal. Lots of room. Popular. Soft sand. All ages. Rock jetty. Nice view. Calm water. Huge parking lot. Bit of a walk to beach along boardwalk. Hiking trails nearby. Scusset Beach Road, Sandwich.

Snake Pond: Medium-sized freshwater beach. Narrow, but fairly long. Some shade. Popular. Short walk from small parking lot. Soft sand. Nice view. Some road noise. Calm water. Snake Pond Road, Sandwich.

Town Neck Beach: A fun Cape Cod Bay beach backed by the famous Sandwich boardwalk over a marsh. Nice views of the entrance to the Cape Cod Canal with plenty of boats to watch. Not much wave action. Kids sometimes jump off the boardwalk bridge at high tide or fish for crabs. Wood Avenue, Sandwich.

Wakeby Lake: Medium-sized freshwater beach. Lots of room. Not crowded. Families. Roped off swimming area. Calm water. Pebbly sand. Nice view. Medium parking lot. Short walk from lot. Playground. Bike rack. South Sandwich Road, Sandwich.



Ballston Beach: Big Atlantic beach. Colder water, surf can run high. Challenging swimming conditions. Smaller parking lot. Site of a lot of erosion over the years. North Pamet Road, Truro.

Coast Guard Beach (Truro): Not to be confused with the much better-known Coast Guard Beach in Eastham. A big spread on the Atlantic with a very small parking area. Arguably the most remote beach on Cape Cod. Colder water, challenging surf and swimming conditions possible. End of Coast Guard Road, Truro

Corn Hill Beach: Long and narrow beach on Cape Cod Bay. Boats. Nice sunsets. Good for families compared to Truro’s Atlantic-facing beaches. Big parking lot. Beautiful views. Generally calm and warm water. Lots of sand to sit on. Can see to Provincetown. Corn Hill Road, Truro.

Fisher Beach: Cape Cod Bay Beach with very small parking lot. Good swimming beach, not as affected by low tide as other bay beaches. Nice sunsets. Big beach with fun breakwater at one end. Good place to look for beach glass. Fisher Road, Truro.

Great Hollow Beach: Cape Cod Bay beach with medium-sized parking lot and great view of the bay and Provincetown. Nice sunsets. Stairs to beach. Good family spot. Great Hollow Road, Truro.

Head of the Meadow (Truro town beach): Located adjacent to the Cape Cod National Seashore Beach of the same name. big parking lot. Atlantic beach, so colder water and challenging surf and swimming conditions possible. Big sandbars are often in play with deep tidal pools. Head of the Meadow Road, Truro.

Longnook Beach: Isolated Atlantic beach with steep walk down dunes. Smaller parking lot. Huge beach with plenty of room to spread out. Colder water with challenging surf and swimming conditions possible. Long Nook Road, Truro.

Pond Village Beach (also known as Cold Storage Beach): Small Cape Cod Bay beach, nice sunsets. Popular with anglers. Small parking area. Surrounded by private beaches. Nice view of Provincetown. Pond Road, Truro.

Ryder Beach: Cape Cod Bay Beach in South Truro. Very quiet location. Walk to beach goes up and over a dune. Nice sunsets. Big beach to explore once you get there. Medium-sized parking lot. Ryder Beach Road, Truro.



Cahoon Hollow Beach: One of the most popular Atlantic beaches in Wellfleet. Home to the Beachcomber bar and restaurant. Chilly water, challenging surf and swimming conditions possible. Can be a party spot. Steep dune path to beach. End of Cahoon Hollow Road, Wellfleet.

Duck Harbor Beach: Cape Cod Bay beach--warmer, gentler water than Atlantic-facing beaches. Great sunset spot. Rocky beach. Medium-sized parking lot. Great view of Provincetown. Not very crowded. Plenty of room. Duck Harbor Road, Wellfleet

Great Pond: Beautiful big kettle pond with small parking lot and small beach area. Clear, warm water. Pine needles. Stairs to beach. Good for kids. Cahoon Hollow Road, Wellfleet.

Gull Pond: Small beach on a very big kettle pond. Limited parking. Lots of canoes and kayaks. Lots of children. Small swimming area – roped off. Very shaded by trees. Also lots of pine needles mixed with sand. Schoolhouse Road, Wellfleet.

Indian Neck Beach: Beautiful beach on outer Wellfleet Harbor. Nice sunsets. Ideal for families with children. Lots of sand at low tide. Calm water. Hard sand. Benches to watch harbor. Nice view and a cool little breakwater. Samoset Avenue, Wellfleet.

Lecount Hollow Beach (also known as Maguire Landing): Big Atlantic Beach with chilly water, challenging surf and swimming conditions possible. Steep dune walk to beach. Lots of room. Big parking lot. Beautiful view. Popular. Lecount Hollow Road, Wellfleet.

Long Pond: Very popular kettle pond with small parking lot. Good for families with little kids. Short walk across road to beach. Sandy bottom. Lots of benches to sit on and a small grassy area to play on. Long Pond Road, Wellfleet.

Mayo Beach: Busy beach right on Wellfleet Harbor with big FREE parking lot. Very tide dependent--swimming only around high tide times. Lots of shells and sea creatures. Big playground and playing fields across street from beach. Nice place to watch boat traffic.

Newcomb Hollow Beach: Large Atlantic beach. Steep dune path down to beach. Colder water, challenging surf and swimming conditions possible. Picturesque landscape. Big parking lot. Gross Hill Road, Wellfleet.

Powers Landing: Nice little perch on inner Wellfleet Harbor. View of Great Island. Good place to launch canoes or kayaks. Swimming possible only around high tide. Good family spot for little kids.

Whitecrest Beach: Huge Atlantic beach with very steep dune path down to beach. Chilly water, challenging surf and swimming conditions possible. Big views, great place for beach walking. Ocean View Drive, Wellfleet.



Bass River Beach (also known as Smugglers Beach): Medium-sized beach. Generally not too crowded. Benches to watch boats from marina. Roped off swimming area. Lots of shells and rocks. Lots of boat action. Small parking area. Calm water on Nantucket Sound. 220 South Shore Drive, South Yarmouth.

Bayview Beach: Medium-sized beach on outer Hyannis Harbor. Not crowded. Benches to watch boats and ferries. Lots of shells and rocks. Lots of boat traffic. Small parking area. Calm water. Bayview Street, Yarmouth.

Beachwood (Parkers River) Beach: Medium-sized beach on Nantucket Sound. Good-sized parking lot. Rock breakwaters. Warm, calm water. 151-179 South Shore Drive, South Yarmouth.

Colonial Acres Beach: Cool wooden bridge to beach on Nantucket Sound. Small parking lot. Medium-sized beach. Rock jetty. Boats to watch. Very nice view. Lots of little rocks in sand. Standish Road, Yarmouth.

Dennis Pond: Small beach on quiet freshwater pond. Roped-off swimming area. Near train tracks. Walking trails in area. Nice view. Small parking right off beach. Good for families. Not too crowded. Summer Street, Yarmouth Port.

Englewood Beach: Small beach on the very quiet waters of Lewis Bay. Playground. Reasonably roomy. amount of room. Good for families with young children.. Small parking lot right off beach. Lots of shells. Cool view of bay area. Peaceful. Berry Avenue, West Yarmouth.

Flax Pond Beach: Freshwater swimming. Not much sand. Pine-shaded picnic area. Grills. Tennis and basketball courts. Plenty of parking. Benches. Not really for sunning. Short walk to beach. Dupont Avenue, Yarmouth.

Grays (Bass Hole) Beach: Home of the very cool Bass Hole boardwalk which stretches out over a salt marsh. Small beach, very calm water on Cape Cod Bay. Very affected by tide, with swimming best around high tide. Fun place for little kids to splash around. Picnic area. Playground. Nearby trails. Not crowded. Large parking area. Some free parking. Lifeguards. Good for little kids. Center Street, Yarmouth Port.

Little Sandy Pond: Nice little beach in recreation area. Softball field. Soccer/utility field. Tennis courts. Basketball court. Playground. Stairs to beach. Not very crowded. Roped off swimming area. Medium-size parking lot by beach – more parking throughout park. Buck Island Road, West Yarmouth.

Long Pond: Medium sloped beach. Small playground. Wooded area. Basketball court. Roped off swimming area. Calm water. Small parking lot. Indian Memorial Drive, Yarmouth.

Sea Gull Beach: Plenty of parking. Large. Popular. On Nantucket Sound. Swimming. Windsurfing. Huge beach. Some families, but a lot of teens. Clean sand. Fairly calm water. Short walk to beach. Nice view on drive to beach. Lots of seashells. Sea Gull Beach Road, Yarmouth.

Seaview Beach: Small beach on Nantucket Sound. Warm and calm water. Medium-sized parking lot. Rock jetties. Good for families with little kids. South Shore Drive and Parkwood Road, South Yarmouth.

Windmill Beach: Small beach on Bass River. Historic windmill nearby. Nice views. Very limited parking. Short walk down stairs to beach. Wet sand. Calm. Not crowded. River Street, South Yarmouth.